Why the name Ciccio's Olives?

Ciccio’s Olives is named after Francesco Pugliano, also known as Ciccio, and Founder of Fratelli Pugliano. He perfected the art of producing pristine extra virgin olive oil.

What cultivar of olive do we use?

We farm the Carolea olive, and produce a monovarietal extra virgin olive oil.

Who farms the olive oil? Is the producer visible on the bottles?

Fratelli Pugliano is our family of producers in Calabria, Italy, and is the immediate family of Ciccio’s Olives Co-Founder Pino Pugliano. Their company information can be found on our bottles.

Where is Calabria, and what town is the olive oil from?

Calabria is the southern-most region of Italy above Sicily, affectionately known as the ‘toe’ of Italy. Ciccio’s Olives is produced in a hill town called Vena di Maida, in the skinniest strip of Italy between the cities of Lamezia Terme and Catanzaro.

What does EVOO stand for?

EVOO is a shortened way of saying extra virgin olive oil.

Is extra virgin olive oil healthy for me?

It’s one of the healthiest and best things you can put in (and on!) your body! It is an antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. From monounsaturated fatty acids, to polyphenols, to oleocanthal and oleuropein, nature gave us liquid gold in the product of olive oil!

How can I recognize pure and authentic extra virgin olive oil?

Unfortunately, it’s difficult. Some of the best ways are to know your source and buy from small producers like us or from retailers who know their growers, to look for a producer, place of production, or harvest date listed on the bottle.

Is our olive oil filtered?

Ciccio’s Olives is an unfiltered extra virgin olive oil. We believe that not filtering best preserves the beneficial properties of the olive oil as well as the quality.

Do we offer gift messaging for orders?

Absolutely! Drop a message in the ‘notes’ section on the order, and we’ll hand write it and include it with your purchase.

Do we ship outside the United States?

At this point, we do not sell bottles of EVOO outside the continental United States.

Can I purchase Ciccio's Olives in Italy?

Ciccio’s Olives olive oil is available for wholesale purchase in Italy. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Do we sell wholesale?

We definitely do, and would love to have you carry Ciccio’s Olives at your location. Please reach out to us here for wholesales inquiries.

What if I find sediment at the bottom of my olive oil?

Sediment is to be expected in unfiltered extra virgin olive oil, and is likened to the pulp in orange juice. It is pieces of the olive fruit that remains in the EVOO.

Is Ciccio's Olives the best Italian olive oil?

We have won various international awards, but you’ll just have to find that out for yourself!

What's the difference between the Novello and the regular Ciccio's Olives olive oil?

The Novello is an early press (harvested earlier than Ciccio’s Olives original oil) extra virgin olive oil with greener olives, resulting in a stronger, spicier, earthier flavor, with a robust and intense taste. It’s also higher in polyphenols. The Novello is best used raw – for finishing salads, for dipping, and for consumption on its own for its beneficial health properties.