Our Purpose

Family farm to family table liquid gold from the heart of Southern Italy

Authentic extra virgin olive oil transports you across time and space, connecting the dots between the Old World and the New World, between cultures and languages, between seaside towns and mountain ranges. Most importantly, real olive oil offers nourishment to your body and warmth to your meals.

What journey are you on? Towards greater health and wellness?
Developing culinary skills you can share with others and create treasured memories around the table?
Connecting with your ancestry and heritage?

Whatever your journey, Ciccio’s Olives takes you there.

Ciccio’s Olives believes in preserving ancient legacies, educating consumers, and fostering authenticity. It’s our pleasure to bring you our own private estate superfood used at meals every day in kitchens across the globe.

Our Values

We strive to make a difference with our values for people, product, and passion.

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We believe in creating, preserving, and sourcing top-quality slow food and artisan products that improve health and happiness.

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Sustainability & Stewardship

We are committed to regenerative agriculture, grove preservation, and cultivating olive trees in harmony with nature.

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Impacting Others

We value people and giving back in impactful ways, pledging a portion of our blessings to those in need.

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We know exactly where every olive comes from that is pressed into your bottle of EVOO. So should you.

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We are inspired by new places, new experiences, and new possibilities that encourage discovery and innovation.

Our Promise

A commitment to purity and excellence

Extra Virgin


Private Single Estate

Monovarietal Carolea Olive

Naturally non-GMO

Family Owned & Operated

“Olives are beautifully simple. The land, the trees, they just need a tender touch to give their best fruits.”

Francesco (Ciccio) Pugliano

Our Story

An Italian American love story of marriage and olive oil

For 20-year old immigrant Pino Pugliano, bottling his family’s EVOO was not part of his American Dream. But he quickly realized that instead of finding rich, buttery extra virgin olive oil fresh from the tree and high in antioxidants, the average bottle of olive oil on American shelves was mixed oils of obscure origin and harvest date that bit you back when you ate it.

It wasn’t long after Pino and Laura were married in Southern Italy between the olive groves and the Calabrian seas that they began dreaming of how to share this gift of liquid gold. Their USA reception favors featured the Pugliano family EVOO that traveled in water bottles to arrive at the party, and it was a hit with family and friends. We asked ourselves: Shouldn’t everyone have the accessibility to liquid gold from lands of sun-drenched earth, miles and miles of olive trees, and endless sea and sky?

From that point on, the new couple felt it their responsibility to bring their authentic family farm to family table Italian olive oil to the world, blending their passions and professions to launch Ciccio’s Olives.

Shouldn’t everyone have the accessibility to liquid gold from lands of sun-drenched earth, miles and miles of olive trees, and endless sea and sky?

It’s incredibly rare (and extremely difficult) for one family to be the farmers, producers, exporters, importers, retailers, and brand owners of a world-recognized extra virgin olive oil.

But we are.

This is important because it enables you to trust our family and our brand, offering unparalleled knowledge of geographical origin and traceability, transparency on farming practices and milling techniques, and insight into the minimal handling required for your EVOO traveling from grove to table.

Virgin or not?

More on the scandalous nature of the olive oil industry.

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Our Roots

Ciccio’s Olives EVOO embodies a Slow Food way of life that values hand cultivated goodness. We take pride in our work, and we’re passionate about our product.

Find our Farm

The dewy sea breeze and sun-kissed earth of our hilltop family estate in Vena di Maida is an oasis where olive trees thrive. We maintain traditional and sustainable farming practices while innovating to preserve and enhance what nature gives us. Our Carolea olives are picked, pressed, and bottled within only a few miles radius, keeping time, energy, and resources to a minimum and reducing our environmental footprint.

Meet our Producers

The core members of the multi-generational farming family comprising Fratelli Pugliano is our family that has cultivated EVOO for three generations.

Francesco (Ciccio)
Company founder and family patriarch, Francesco has been revered as a top-quality olive oil producer for decades.

Head of operations, Antonio is a powerhouse of farming expertise and olive cultivation.

The Olive Grove Journal

Discover more about our olives and groves.

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