Novello Grande

Harvest 2023 Novello

The Novello is our high polyphenol, early harvest extra virgin olive oil. Extra green, extra spicy, and extra healthy, this olive oil is ideal for finishing. As always, our olive oil is unfiltered, first cold press, single-origin, and 100% Carolea olives. The lovely Grande bottle features a stunning illustration of Fratelli Pugliano founder, Francesco (Ciccio), caring for his olive trees and a brief story of the oil and olives; it will surely be a talking point with guests!

Flavor Profile:
Green and fruit-forward, with earthy undertones and a spicy finish.

  • New harvest 2023 early press, limited release olio nuovo
  • 750 mL/25.4 fl oz

Insider secret: sediment is an indication of truly unfiltered, freshly-pressed and bottled extra virgin olive oil. If you notice it, you can shake to incorporate it, filter it out, or discard the bottle once seen.

Either way, enjoy this liquid gold knowing that it’s authentic and produced with great care!

Novello Grande


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