Squillace Sgraffito Caffe Quattro

This elegant caffe quattro with diamond-shaped tray is truly a work of art.

A From the hilltown of Squillace in Southern Italy comes one of the most enduring legacies of ceramics production in Italy. Our artists have been given the highly-esteemed DOC status to their work, and their Graffito items are the epitome of a handmade ancient art form.

Graffito technique involves shaping clay by hand, allowing it to dry, and then applying a thin white layer of clay on top (engobe). Artists then scrape off the white layer by hand with a tool (sgraffito) in intricate designs, revealing the contrasting color underneath. Upon firing, the incised design looks dramatic and beautiful against the reddish earthen clay color.

  • Includes four espresso cups and one plate
  • Hand wash
  • Handmade; may have slight variations
  • Imported from Calabria, Italy

Squillace Sgraffito Caffe Quattro


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