From Suitcases to Wedding Favors, Ciccio’s Olives was Born out of a Demand for Purity

Only when Pino Pugliano emigrated to the United States did he realize that the golden, pure olive oil that he grew up harvesting on his family farm in Calabria was nothing like what most Americans find on grocery store shelves. Instead of rich, buttery, pure Italian extra virgin olive oil fresh from the tree and high in polyphenols, the average American was typically consuming something that was not fresh, nor high quality, nor first cold press, nor extra virgin, nor from one origin, nor completely olive oil, in bottles marked as being all of those things.

So he brought it back to the USA in suitcases every year after visiting home so that he could continue consuming the beautifully authentic extra virgin olive oil made by his family.

After his wedding to an American girl in his hometown of Vena di Maida in southern Italy, they brought home the olive oil in large quantities to share with their friends and family in the United States as USA wedding reception favors. Only then did they realize how much of a demand there was and how much of an impact they could make by bottling the liquid gold from Calabria. For health, for wellness, and for elevating family meals and time spent around the table, Pino and Laura felt it their responsibility to share the Pugliano family’s extra virgin olive oil with others across the globe.

And that’s how the award-winning Ciccio’s Olives Calabrian Extra Virgin Olive Oil was born.

Watch on for more of the story on why we began bottling and branding Ciccio’s Olives to what makes it special and unique (and a sneak peek of our daughter….it is, after all, a family business!).

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