Original Medio

The Medio is an elegant 500 mL glass bottle of the most buttery olive oil you’ll ever taste.

Ciccio’s Olives is an exquisite extra virgin olive oil that is unfiltered, first cold press, single-origin, 100% Carolea olives and that won an award at the NYIOOC 2022 World Olive Oil Competition. This medium size offers opportunity to sample our olive oil through cooking with and finishing a variety of dishes for small families or the average olive oil consumer. It features a stunning illustration of the Fratelli Pugliano farm in Calabria, Italy.

Flavor Profile:
Boldly elegant and buttery with fruity undertones and a hint of fresh herbs, featuring a slightly spicy finish.

  • Harvest 2022
  • 500 mL/16.9 fl oz

Original Medio


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