Original Grande

The Grande is a statement 750 mL glass bottle of the most buttery olive oil you’ll ever taste.

Take home a bottle of the award-winning Ciccio’s Olives unfiltered, first cold press, single-origin, 100% Carolea, extra virgin olive oil. This largest bottle is ideal for olive oil aficionados who often enjoy cooking and finishing family and personal dishes with high-quality olive oil for both taste and health benefits. The lovely Grande bottle features a stunning illustration of the Fratelli Pugliano farm in Calabria and a brief story of the oil and olives; it will surely be a talking point with guests!

Flavor Profile:
Boldly elegant and buttery with fruity undertones and a hint of fresh herbs, featuring a slightly spicy finish.

  • Harvest 2022
  • 750 mL/25.4 fl oz

Original Grande


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