Ciccio’s Olives Celebrates Silver Medal Win at EVO IOOC World Olive Oil Competition

Palmi, Italy, June 15, 2023Ciccio’s Olives, a leading premium olive oil, is proud to announce its notable achievement of winning a silver medal at the prestigious EVO IOOC World Olive Oil Competition. This recognition further solidifies the company’s commitment to excellence and the exceptional quality of its extra virgin olive oil.

The EVO IOOC World Olive Oil Competition is renowned for its rigorous evaluation of olive oils from around the world. Competition entry is only open to producers able to guarantee the traceability and origin of their products, and is considered the most important oil competition in Italy and among the top five international extra virgin olive oil competitions. It’s organized to promote the exceptional qualities of extra virgin olive oil, to explain the health, pharmacological, and nutritional/nutraceutical properties of EVOO, to increase consumption of high-quality EVOO internationally, to encourage producers to continuously improve their product, and to highlight the best producers of EVOO and their territory of production.

The award-winning olive oil from Ciccio’s Olives and their producer, Fratelli Pugliano, is the culmination of meticulous cultivation, harvesting, and pressing techniques combined with a deep-rooted passion for delivering an extraordinary taste experience that transports consumers across geographies. Receiving a silver medal at the EVO IOOC recognizes their unwavering commitment to and resilience in carefully cultivating and producing olive oil of the highest quality, despite incessant global supply shortages, price increases, and climate change.

“We’re honored and incredibly grateful to receive this prestigious recognition at the EVO IOOC World Olive Oil Competition,” said Pino Pugliano, Co-Owner of Ciccio’s Olives. “This achievement is a testament to the expertise, hard work, and passion of our team that strives for excellence in every aspect of our olive oil production. We are dedicated to upholding the traditions of our craft while innovating to continuously improve and deliver outstanding products to our valued consumers.”

Ciccio’s Olives takes pride in its sustainable and environmentally conscious values and practices. Commitment to quality extends beyond its products to include the careful preservation of olive groves, the protection of biodiversity, and the promotion of responsible agriculture.

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